Read about how common sense will boost our collective IQ and make us smart in a thrilling Java/Jini effort [HTML] (old 1995 version still available).
Sources of inspiration:

  1. Java & Jini, by Bill Joy from Sun Microsystems
  2. The Network Is The Computer, Sun Microsystems
  3. Applied Biology in Informatics, by Stewart Kauffman
  4. Mirrorworlds, by David Gelernter
  5. BusinessTone by Batavia, about Enterprise Applications delivered as services
  6. Boosting Collective IQ, by Douglas Engelbart
  7. Getting the price right using auction strategies, by Agorics and LiveExchange by Morai Technologies; Make sure to hava a look at Ebay, to find out how this works in the real world. Now, if only electronics services could use this to offer and consume services. Say you want to print an A2-sized poster in full color at 1200 dpi, and want it delivered at your address before 10 a.m. next Thursday. Your requirements instruct your (electronic) agent which goes off to the Net and trades for the best price. Print shops that offer these services bid on your request, and either you or your agent accepts the best possible bid. The same process can happen when requesting computer processing resources, or when requesting storage resources, etc.
  8. Strategies to enhance the user experience throughout your company’s services and product lines, by the Nielsen Norman Group

Feel free to skim through my notes collected over the years and pick some pearls.

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