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Martien van Steenbergen's Extended CV (aka The Rock's LifeStreams)

Martien Frits van Steenbergen was born on July the 5th, 1958. He's married to a lovely wife and has three exciting kids. Martien's base location and coordinates are:

Martien van Steenbergen
Ursulinenhof 46
The Netherlands

+31 65 354 5960 (mobile)
+31 34 732 5410 (home)
+31 34 732 6103 (fax)
+31 33 451 5225 (office)
Send e-mail to "Martien" at van.Steenbergen.nl.
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Mission & Passion

My personal mission is to make others around me happier in any way I can.

My passion? Disruptive innovation, leadership and happinez.


Since I have evolved in the IT industry, one way to do this is to make computers and information technology invisible--it must adapt to us humans, rather than the other way around. Yet, I'm much more focused on developing and growing human talents, independent of background or industry.

Still thrilled by technology

Despite my current passion for harmony and wholeness in mankind and nature, I can still be thrilled by disruptive technology as demonstrated by Java, Jini, JavaSpaces, JXTA, practical applications of complexity theory, smart cool distributed software, semantic webs, networked teams of excellence and symfo-funk-fusion-rock music with the occasional profound guitar solos. Would like to have a small team research an Autopoietic Computing Ecosystem. All this with A Quality Without A Name. Read about my techno-social vision in Thriller. And check out a few samples of my writing.

There's plenty food for thought:

  • Computers will disappear into the woodwork (ambient or pervasive computing);
  • Relationships are the monetary unit of the Network Economy;
  • The masters of complexity theory will be the superpowers of the 21st century;
  • The biologist will become tomorrow's computer scientist;
  • Smart networked information, communication and entertainment technology will boost our collective IQ exponentially.


I am an well-balanced, open, integer, cheerful, opinionated, healthy, stress-resistant, active listening, inventive, innovative, creative and often challenging--yes even provocative at times--team player. My communicative skills make me an excellent speaker, and enable me to translate technology to human levels. I feel at home in roles as father, husband, colleague, visoneer, conceptualist, architect, ambassador, director and networker.

All this has a solid foundation in a computer science education at the HIO in Eschedé, Holland. I have experience as software developer, architect, trainer, project leader, consultant, leader and manager at Philips, Nixdorf, RIVM, West Consulting and Sun Microsystems, and the many many customers of these organizations. I consider myself a leader with management skills, not the other way around. If you don't understand what I mean here, we're of a different blood type.

Martien van Steenbergen:

Is usually in a good mood Has a good health Is almost never ill Is very creative and likes to think out of the box Is inventive
Strives for A Quality Without A Name Communicates well Respects and values others Is very open and honest Can be stubborn at times
Is quite opinionated on some topics Gives passionate presentations with impact Has excellent knowledge about Internet Believes in TTT: Team, Talent, and Temperament Translates between technology and humans
Translates between business and technology Is an active listener Has a balanced, and calm personality Is stress-resistant Performs better under stress
Has technical roots Investigates thoroughly before making decisions Has a lot of affinity with technology Values family very much Tries hard to understand how the other feels
First tries to understand, then to be understood Thinks pro-actively and focuses on the other Usually meets or exceeds requirements Is a good sparring partner Can be provocative at times
Likes fun (must have a good laugh for an hour at least per day) Is overweighted Likes to shine in an leading and organizational role Prefers to be lazy rather than tired (do it right the first time) Is a no-nonsense, serious guy
Is inspired by Alvin Toffler, Kevin Kelly, Bruce Tognazzini, Stewart Kauffman, Christopher Alexander, Scott McNeally, Bill Joy, Donald Norman, James Gosling, Geoffry Moore, and Stephen Covey among others.


As a human being, I value the fulfilment of the roles below very much:

  father visioneer ambassador
  husband conceptualizer director
  colleague architect networker

As Martijn's (1985-10-29), Esther's (1987-07-31), and Tamar's (1990-01-22) father, I find it very important to raise my kids with the right values for respect and admiration for others, and encourage them to be open minded. And Tamar deserves some extra attention because of her diabetes. And Martijn has a light form of spina bifida, and also needs special care sometimes. I want to be there for them. Also, I will do everything in my power to educate and develop their talents, forever. My kids can always depend on me.


I will support my wife Anja (1960-06-01) as much as I can in her demanding and responsible role as family manager. Especially during the the first twenty years of our kids' life is an intense relationship full of love essential. But she can count on me outside that period as well!


My colleagues and me form a team in a never ending journey to meet the ever changing goals. I'm proud of performing in a professional environment, while having fun. Team, talent, and temperament are key words in this setting.


Driven by a very broad interest, founded on a solid basis of both human and information technology knowledge, and with a candid opinion, I am eager to help design and create the future. And my communication skills and my sense of humor spice it all up. Change the changes.


Due to my intense knowledge about (inter-) network technology, my excellent written and verbal communication skills, and my active listening to others, I can conceptualize scenarios very well, and present them in a compelling way, and this with a high level of realism. Design for change.


The human factors and the information and knowledge components necessary for a network economy provide the realism for a rock solid architecture for strategic investments in mission and enterprise critical systems. Architecture are structuring principles that allow an efficient and cost-effective construction of highly complex systems of extreme quality. Evolvability of the resulting system may well be it's most important quality.


Representing global advanced technology in the Dutch region will help to put Holland on the international map of information technology.


Team, temperament, and talent together form the orchestra required to meet and exceed its common goals. I thrive in flat, networked organizations. Yet, an orchestra needs a director, giving direction, and resulting in a harmonious team, with room for the occasional solo. I can direct excellent concerts.


Flat, networked organizations (or organisms) of talented people, rather than bureaucratic and hierarchical, form the key to success, and make business flourish, evolve and thrive, yet playful and fun. Linking up the right parties (and partners) in both small and large projects. Symbiosis.




Driven by my passion for smart, advanced human-centered software that just works, I switched jobs after 12 years and started CEO at Aduna on February 1st, 2003. This is one of the most exciting and valuable experiences. Leading and managing a small techno-centered 10-people company, and putting Aduna on the map after five years of internal technology development.

My responsibilities ranged across vision, mission, values, marketing, business development, strategy, product management, pricing and licensing, infrastructure, talent development and customer care. The whole enchilada.

During 2003, I've given my heart, my mind and my soul by:

  • Creating and executing a solid and realistic vision, mission and strategy, and executing it accordingly; all laid out in a comprehensive business plan;
  • Turning the organization from introvert and inwardly focused group of technical individuals to an outward-focused customer-centric proud team; kudos to Kees van Zijtveld from Nieuwe Dimensies for his valuable contribution in this area;
  • Developing and unfolding indivudual talents;
  • Dramatically increasing team spirit, wholeness, commitment, dedication and joy;
  • Filling the sales pipeline with direct accounts (ABN AMRO Bank, Unilever, Pharos Reizen) as well as potential OEM (Tridion, GX) and solution partners (IMN, Triam, Hoger Onderwijsgroep Bouw & Ruimte);
  • Creating and embedding a comfortable and predictable quarterly engineering and product release cycle;
  • Showing the first business successes as a consequence of this make-over already in Q1 2004, just 2 months after the relaunch on December 9;
  • Showing upside potential of €20M+ in 2004/2005 based on conservative projections;
  • Creating a solid, clear, colorful, transparent new corporate identity and logo with the help of Martijn Engelbregt; the foundation for an excellent brand;
  • Creating a lot of attention for the new Aduna and its solutions;
  • Interviewing with press and computer magazines;
  • Recruiting a valuable Enigneering Manager;
  • Dramatically improving infrastrucuture and tooling by adding a file and mail server and other instruments like CVS, Ant, and MailMan; all based on open standards (NFS, NTFS, SMB, IMAP, LDAP);
  • Organizing Aduna's relaunch on December 9, Theater De Flint, Amersfoort with more than 100 guests immersing themselves in Aduna's team, technology, products and vision;
  • Changing the name from Aidministrator to Aduna;
  • Turning an almost disjunct set of technology efforts into a comprehensive and coherent set of products called AutoFocus Personal and AutoFocus Server;Creating the fundament for an innovative semantic web toolkit or SDK called Spectacle Suite;

Very unfortunatly, after 14 months of energy and passion, Aduna's founders and shareholders and I envisioned different paths into the future and they decided to take the other route without my drive and creativeness.


Business as usual. Still going strong with the Dutch Sun Java Center, meeting our annual € 1.2M+ revenue goal. Continued building Trusted Advisor relationship with Provincie Gelderland. Setting up Java Center of Excellence at Thales, ASML, Philips, Staatsloterij and others. Investing time and effort to help Sun become a solution-led and architecture-led selling company. Requires organizational and cultural changes.


Led and managed the Sun Java Center for another successful year. Exceeded revenue goals of €1.2M, contribution and spending goals, as well as the other objectives on training, intellectual property, certification and business development. Recruited three more Java talents into a total team of nine. Due to the burst of the Internet bubble and the resulting economic downturn, froze the growth opportunities and forced me to recruit more talents and grow our team to, say, 15 or 20 people. Despite the economic downturn, we continued to do good business and were not affected at all, so helping my peers in EMEA soften their lack of business somewhat. New accounts like DTO (defense), AEGON (insurance), Virtex (transport), Goodlot (media), Provincie Gelderland (goverment) and Spott (media) were added to the list of references.

Being an excellent sparring partner in discussions on ebusiness strategies and architectures, and the way technology can help realize the business objectives. The Java Consulting team excels in architectural leadership and focuses on n-tier, distributed object oriented enterprise information systems, and helps Sun's partners and customers in architecting, designing and constructing these advanced systems with a focus on extreme quality. These (eco-) systems are build on open standards like XML and Java, and use proven methods like the Unified Process, the Unified Modelling Language and eXtreme Programming, culminated in the SunTone Architecture Methodology.

Promoted and pushed the SunTone Architecture Methodology. Based on the Unified Process, which is incremental, iterative, use case-driven and risk mitigating, Sun added a special sauce and made it architecture-centric and its pattern-based reasoning, architectural patterns catalog and pattern-driven design process helped many customers create rock-solid IT architectures in a short time to service.

Attended "Consulting Skills" and "Leading Teams at Sun" training.


Smart Business Event, RAI, Amsterdam: Presented "Jakarta cocktail: Log4J Ant Struts met een rietje" in the context of Open Source and Java.


Video shoot for Vizzavi and D-reizen case study and customer testimony, Amsterdam.


Attended the MMbase Foundation foundation meeting.


XUP session at Keentech; treated 30 people on XUP: eXtreme Unified Process, a blend of SunTone AM and eXtreme Programming. Gero Vermaas pitched his experiences at Vizzavi.


XUP session at CGE&Y; treated 20 people with a session on XUP: eXtreme Unified Process, a blend of SunTone AM and eXtreme Programming. Klaas Waslander pitched his experiences at Vizzavi.


Set up and ran Sun Professional's recruiting booth at CV-IT, Jaarbeurs, Utrecht.


Keynote address during Oracle's iDevelop summit in Amsterdam.


Presented the SunTone Architecture Methodology for 20 Sun partners at the Sun iForce Center, Paris.


Promoted to Practice Manager of the Dutch Sun Java Center, recruiting, leading and managing six Java talents, as well as leading a team of six networking and system infrastructure specialists and a handful of subcontractors, totalling to 20 human assets. These teams have been involved in large multimillion Euro projects like designing and building the fabric (networking, system and application) for companies like TTYL, NL.tree, D-reizen and Vizzavi.

During the course of 2000/2001, another three excellent Java consultants have been cherry-picked and blended into the Sun Java Center, now totalling nine deep Java architects.

Exceeded all goals (headcount, revenue, spending, utilization) during my first fiscal year (from July 2000-2001) as Practice Leader & Manager.


Invited by Dutch Melange to provide the keynote address during the JavaOne 2000 Afterglow conference.


Organized, chaired and presented The Idea Machine (view my presentation). Over 200 thrilled people came to the Evoluon in Eindhoven to hear keynote addresses from David Gelernter and Lernout & Hauspie. Unfortunately, two days before, Gelernter's father died and Gelernter cancelled his keynote address. And one day before, Lernout & Hauspie also cancelled their contribution. There I was, chairing the day and both keynotes down the drain. So I pitched my view on Pierre Lévy's Collective Intelligence and covered up for David Gelernter's view on Mirror Worlds. And exciting and exhausting day. Many people continue asking me when another conference like this will be organized.


Thrilled by the invitation by Sun's manager for the North Europe Java Centers to set up the Dutch Sun Java Center, and, using my network, I was able to find and recruit a team of six excellent Java consultants, and secure business at the same time.


Presented the JavaOne 1999 Afterglow during the Java, The Prominent Force conference on June 24 organized by Dutch Melange (Java User Group Nederland).


Switched from Sun's Technical Office to Sun Professional Services as IT Business Consultant. Engaged in several high-profile deals, creating, writing and editing solid and realistic answers to RFPs and RFIs. One of these engagements resulted in a multi-million dollar deal with Postbank purchasing several of Sun's high-en E10,000 (Starfire) servers later that year.


Intensifying my role as Java Ambassador at Sun, I focus on strategic projects at many of Sun's customers. From December 1994 until September 1999, I have put Java on the map in Holland and was referred to as Mr. Java. During this exciting and intense period, I have achieved the following results:

  • Hosted 100+ relations of Sun Holland at JavaOne 1999
  • Hosted 150 relations of Sun Holland at Java Enterprise Solutions 1999 , just like in the years before (1997, 1998)
  • Lined up 11 Sun Authorized Java Centers as part of Sun's world-wide Road to Java program. Companies like CAP Gemini, ATOS-Origin, TNO, West Consulting, Acriter, Object-IT and others were all eager to join
  • Gave many, many presentations (hundreds of them) for key customers like ABN-AMRO Bank, KPN, ING Bank, Albert Heijn, KLM, Oracle, CMG, CAP Gemini, etc., but also for seminar organizations like Euroforum, New Media Marketplace and others. Audiences ranged from small 5-10 people groups to just under 1,000. Presentation level was always high level, strategic, yet contained a good dose of in-depth material when appropriate. Audiences also ranged from deep technical experts to board of directors.
  • Gave many interviews to journalists and the press, representing Sun, it's vision, strategy, technology and products, Java and Jini in particular in the late nineties. I was referred to as "Mr. Java" in Holland.
  • Wrote many articles for the Dutch IT press like Automatisering Gids and Computable, to name two.
  • Put Java on the map in Holland, evidenced by the many (30+ by that time) successful Java references.
  • Engaged 30 partners in 1998 to participate in the Java in Real Action Pavilion during Holland's largest IT trade show: The Internetworking Event '98.
  • Co-founded Dutch Melange, the Dutch Java User Group during an exciting gathering in the RAI Congrescentrum, Amsterdam.
  • Facilitated a Java seminar for publisher/event house Ten Hagen Stam for 100+ attendees in the RAI conference center in 1998.
  • Completely organized, hosted, chaired and keynoted an audience of 250+ Java fans during a Java conference in Oosterhout in 1997.
  • Enthused more than 500+ attendees during the second large Java conference in 't Spant, Bussum in 1996. Organized, chaired, presented, programmed and project managed the complete day. It was a big success and an exciting day. Arthur van Hoff, one of the original authors of the Java web browser and Java compiler, was one of the keynote speakers. Also, Rob Creemers, Bert Mulder made the day.
  • Introduced the VPRO to Java and WebRunner (then called Oak and Live Oak). VPRO broadcasting company is one the first organizations working with Java in the world, and the first in the Netherlands. Their efforts resulted in a widely used content management system called MMbase.
  • First as Windows Ambassador, and later as Graphics and Multimedia Ambassador successfully represented, marketed, positioned and supported Sun's graphical and user interface standards: OPEN LOOK GUI, NeWS, HyperNeWS, PHIGS, XGL, etc.
  • Joined Sun, 1st of January, 1991. The Gulf War was initiated by the US during my two week New Hire training in Silicon Valley. Could I still get home?
  • Started at Sun as external consultant and trainer for Advanced UNIX System Administration courses at Sun Educational Services, while still employed by West Consulting.

Hosted the CHI-93 Candlelight Canal Boat tour in Amsterdam with 30 key people from the Computer-Human Interaction field like Dr. Bob Glass, Bruce Tognazzini (both father of the Apple graphical user interface before they joined Sun Microsystems), and Stephen Pemberton.


Started as Technical Consultant in the role of Windows Ambassador at Sun Microsystems Nederland B.V.. As Windows Ambassador, I was the technological link between Sun's Dutch customers and Sun's American technology and product development and marketing, focusing on the NeWS (Network extensible Window System), the X Windows system and the OPEN LOOK Graphical User Interface, and later followed by the Motif user interface. Over the years, my role changed to Multimedia Ambassador to cover all aspects from User Interfaces, Graphics, Audio, Video, and Computer-Human Interaction.


Started on the first of April 1991 as Technical Consultant at West Consulting B.V. in Delft and put my energy and drive into:

Trainer and Presenter.

  • Trained hundreds of people on FRAMEMAKER (DTP), both beginners and seasoned users.
  • Taught various course on the C and POSTSCRIPT language, as well as the UNIX operating system, both system administration and networking (TCP/IP, NFS, NIS, automount(1M), etc.)
  • Designed and created course material.
  • Subcontracted as trainer by Sun Microsystems and Koning & Hartman.

Organized and presented two seminars in collaboration with the Delft Technical University (TUD), Xelion and Sun Microsystems on the X Window System, focusing on the Graphical Users Interfaces (GUIs) like the OPEN LOOK GUI and Motif.

Consulted on system and network architecture, administration and management of LANs containing a mix of UNIX, VMS, DOS and MacOS environments. Primary operating system was SunOS (now Solaris).

Mentored, trained and consulted on setting up, configuring and using Adobe FrameMaker effectively and efficiently in professional document production environments at companies like Philips, Uniface, HSA (now Thales), and Estec.

After sales support on technical and organizational topics covering UNIX, FrameMaker, DTP and networking.

Pre-sales support by giving demonstrations and presentations and answering Request for Proposals for specific products like FrameMaker and Sun hardware and software.

Ported MADYMO from VMS to UNIX (SunOS) and IBM's MVS. MADYMO, a crash test simulator written in the FORTRAN language, is a product of TNO/IW.

Created Software Requirements and Architectural Design of Cendar, a Centralized Data ARchiving System targeted to backup and recover data in a reliable way in a distributed heterogenous network containing UNIX, VMS and DOS systems. Cendar backs up on and recovers from optical disks without requiring special knowledge from the operator or end user. Metadata is kept in a standard relational database.

Wrote several documents required as deliverable in the full software life cycle, like user manuals, requirement documents, detailed design documents, software management document and installation and configuration manuals.

Designed and built several conversion tools in the context of Adobe FrameMaker

Very actively defining and endorsing standards for software engineering like coding standards, methodologies and best practices.

Coached and mentored a student during his GRACE project. GRACE is a Graphical Compiler Environment for Ada development environments supporting the OPEN LOOK GUI.

Coached and mentored two students from HIO Enschedé in their UMBRELLA project. UMBRELLA targets to completely run system and network administration using a standard DBMS (like Oracle or Sybase) on UNIX.

Wrote several articles for publications like Automatisering Gids, Computable and PC+ on various topics ranging from window systems, GUIs and DTP.


Systems Designer at RIVM (Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiëne), Bilthoven, from October 1st, 1986 to April 1st, 1988.

Reengineered PLACES from VMS to UNIX (System V Release 4) using a blend of C language programs, sh(1), awk(1), sed(1) and nroff(1). PLACES is a Pathology Lexicon, Acquisition, Correlation and Evaluation System originally developed by an English company on VMS.

Advised the Head of Computer Department on the IT strategy for RIVM. Investigated and defined RIVM's Information Planning and acted as Project Advisor for one of the Head Sectors of RIVM.


System Analyst and Developer at Nixdorf Computer, Vianen, from July 1st, 1985 to October 1st, 1986.

Added new functionality to an Office Suite using the C language for both UNIX and DOS platforms. Improved overall quality, reliability, maintainability and stability of this Office Suite, originally developed by Quadraton, USA.

Designed and implemented a source code versioning and configuration management system, supporting the Office Suite development life cycle.

UNIX System Administration and Management for Nixdorf's Targon 31 and 35 UNIX systems.

Trained colleagues on UNIX, the C language, and software quality, emphasizing portability.


Employed as System Programmer at Philips Data Systems, Apeldoorn, from August 1st, 1984 to July 1st 1985.

Joined the MPX (Multi Processor Unix) kernel team, designing and developing the first multi-processor object oriented UNIX system. The P9000 Project. Designed and implemented the file and name server using the C language. Set up the source code management and configuration system exploiting the make(1) utility. Performed system administration and management of the UNIX System V systems.


Hurray! Got my HIO Diploma! Can now officially use the "ing" title.


Started studying at the HIO in Enschedé, IHBO "de Maere". This was an easy, exciting and pleasurable study. Got my diploma in 1984. The mandatory internship in the 3rd year was waived, since I already had fulfilled this during my time at the MTS before (see below).

Designed and implemented a full-screen syntax controlled UNIX sh(1) editor during my graduation project. Key feature: all code between beginning of file and the cursor was syntactically correct, and the editor helped the user writing correct sh(1) scripts. Implementation language was C.


Martien signs off from the army as sergeant.


Fulfilled my tour of duty in the Dutch Army in Amersfoort. Trained to sergeant and commanded a radar reconnaissance vehicle YP408. Also trained cadets for several months.


Summer intern at INCAA, Apeldoorn. Developed several Motorola 8600 assembler programs and designed and developed INCATS, INCAA Computer Aided Test Systems for printed circuit boards.


Summer intern at HSA (Hollandse Signaal Apparaten, now called Thales) and realized the following projects:

  • Datalink between an IBM mainframe and a Philips P857 minicomputer for Eurocontrol, Beek;
  • Remote Job Entry for the P857;
  • Batch Job Selector for the P857, processing the jobs entered through the RJE process;
  • Developed several other utilities and tools, supporting internal processes and their development team.

Continued to work another two months after the mandatory intern period on similar activities. All developments used RTL/2 (Real Time Language).


Started in the second year (so skipped the first) of the MTS, Apeldoorn, studying electronics.


Got rejected by the HTS due to grades being too low. Grade for Numerical Math (== Algol-60 programming language) was 10 (on a scale form 1-10)! This made clear which direction I was going.


Started studying electronics at the HTS, Arnhem.


Hurray! Got my HAVO-diploma, averaging a 7 grade. Subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, Dutch and English.

Started studying at the HAVO, Chr. Lyceum, Apeldoorn.

Hurray! Born in Wageningen.

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