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Martien van Steenbergen, a.k.a. The Rock—Résumé

Name: Martien van Steenbergen
Nationality: Dutch
Birth Date: July 5, 1958
Marital Status: Married, three children
Address: Ursulinenhof 46, 4133 DJ Vianen
Home: +31 34 732 6430
Mobile: +31 65 354 5960
Email: "Martien" at van.Steenbergen.nl.

Ambition and drive

My primary ambition is to lead, facilitate, develop and evolve individuals in balance with managing the processes to meet and exceed the business goals in a chaordic and inspirational environment. My main drive is to create an environment that gets the best out of people around me, to appeal to their intrinsic motivators so that the teams go the extra mile with a smile and compassion. I am there for them, not the other way around. Spotting, developing, growing and harvesting fertile growth opportunities, both in humans and in business, thrills me. You will always find me networking as a professional ambassador, aligned with the corporate vision, mission and values, and a clear focus on measurable bottom-line results. The value of a network grows exponentially with the number of links. Relationships are the currency of the networked economy, creating tomorrow's wealth.

Organizational wholeness

I add the most value in an environment where I am valued more for my creativeness, non-conformistic thinking, vision and leadership talents. My ambition is to excel in a leadership role, using leading edge and extreme quality people, blending my architectural and organizational talents into creating and growing multi-disciplinary teams of excellence that in some way help make the world a better place by using state-of-the-art resources. I thrive in flat, networked organizations. I like working with people, help find and cultivate their talents, and always strive to make the total much greater than the sum of the parts. Wholeness.

Inspiring & energizing

I get my energy from working in a state of flow with sharp and focused teams. I invoke energy in my role as Wise Fool. I get my inspiration and passion from people like Christopher Alexander, Tim Berners-Lee, Jesus Christ, Arnold Cornelis, Stephen Covey, Bill Gates, James Gosling, Steve Jobs, Bill Joy, Stewart Kauffman, Kevin Kelly, Steve Krug, Dalai Lama, Scott McNealy, Geoffry Moore, Jakob Nielsen, Donald Norman, Alvin Toffler, Bruce Tognazzini, and Kees van Zijtveld. Their collective intellect help me see at least two years ahead of the curve.

Don't just take my word for it

Others see me as fresh, lively, charming, passionate, amusing, practical and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to my head. They also see me as open, integer, loyal, committed, dedicated, kind, considerate, and understanding; as someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out. People often say they have new energy after meetings with me. And last but not least, they see me as someone with vision, with a clear picture of the techno-social future.


Q4 2005 Co-created the Queste Open Network Day, Sparrendam, Hoevelaken
Q3 2005 Running the XP Game, NL-JUG Fall conference, Reehorst, Ede
Q2-Q4 2005 Manager Microsoft Innovation Center, Barneveld
Q3 2005 Tech-Ed Europe 2005 Manager for The Netherlands, Microsoft, Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands
H1 2005 Leading AardWorks to develop peer-to-peer software for DIVA/DVG
Q4 2004 Initiated and co-founded AardWorks
Aug/Sep 2004 Organisational & ICT Quick Scan to drastically reduce time to market for large Dutch bank
May-Jun 2004 Tech-Ed Europe 2004 Manager for the Netherlands, Microsoft, Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands
2003-2004 CEO, Aduna.biz, The Netherlands
2003 Founded AardRock, my own, self-employed, journey
2000 Practice Manager, Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems, Amersfoort
1999 Practice Leader, Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems, Amersfoort
1994 Java Ambassador, Sun Microsystems, Amersfoort
1992 Multimedia Ambassador, Sun Microsystems, Amersfoort
1991 Windows Ambassador, Sun Microsystems, Amersfoort
1988 Senior Consultant, West Consulting, Delft
1986 System Architect, RIVM, Bilthoven
1985 System Analyst & Developer Office Systems, Nixdorf Computer, Vianen
1984 System Developer MPX Operating System, Philips Data Systems, Apeldoorn

Leadership Skills

Professional Skills

Key Words

Spritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, wholeness, chaordic, leadership, management, coaching, mentoring, entrepreneur, hi-tech start-up, solution selling, SPIN, innovation, architecture, Internet, Web, e-Business, Usability, User Interface, Prince II, XP, SCRUM, Patterns, Pattern Language, Semantic Web, ontology, RDF, OWL, Dublin Core, RUP, XP, SCRUM, Java, J2EE, Jini, JavaSpaces, XML, Distributed Computing, Open Source, Open Standards, UNIX, Mac OS X, Windows; Happiness in short.


Dutch: Native tongue
English: Fluent
German: Spoken: appropriate; writing: average
French: I survive


2002 SPIN Selling
2002 Siebel TAS training
2001 Leadership training (Sun internal)
2001 RUP & UML training
2001 Consulting Skills (LIFO)
2001 NIBE training
1999 Media training, Bob de Ronde, Utrecht
1992 Strategic Selling
1991 Mansal sales training


1981-1984 HIO Enschede (bachelor Information Science)
1977-1978 MTS Electronics, Apeldoorn
1976-1977 HTS Electronics, Arnhem
1970-1976 HAVO (beta profile), Christelijk Lyceum, Apeldoorn

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